Karen Anderson

Hi, I’m Karen Anderson!

I’m known in the book world for sound, practical advice, delivered with a straightforward style.

I help you reach your market, connect with readers, and build your business using the power of a book!

  • Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author
  • Associate Publisher for Morgan James Publishing
  • Strategic Book Advisor/Consultant
  • Speaker

Books from Authors Karen Has Helped

The Bezos Letters
Becoming us
Enneagram Type 1
Enneagram Type 2
Enneagram Type 3
Enneagram Type 4
Enneagram Type 5
Enneagram Type 6
Enneagram Type 7
Enneagram Type 8
Enneagram Type 9

About Karen Anderson

Karen spends her time talking with authors to help them see if Morgan James Publishing could be the right publishing model for them, and helps them to see where their book fits into their overall business plan and strategy.

She is happier than she’s been in ages doing what she does best: helping people discover how to use a book strategically for their business while delivering a clear and compelling message to the reader.

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