This is too funny (not ha-ha funny, but I'm shaking-my-head-in-amazement funny) because I can't believe I was so naive. 

I was feeling pretty good about Mom taking the Viva assessment at Greenspring Village where she lives. If you remember, it is an evaluation of how "at risk" a senior is for falling, driving accidents, etc.  We had such a huge fight over her driving a couple of weeks ago, I thought this was the perfect solution.  The assessment would be an outside party that would indicate whether she should be driving or not. Surprisingly, mom agreed to do the evaluation. 

The results are back but Mom hasn't shared the recommendations with me or my brother, Scott.

I did hear yesterday from my brother who said that Mom told Diane, who works in Scott's office, that she had gotten the results back… but they weren't really valid because she "had problems working the computer".  

So much for a quick and easy resolution! What was I thinking???

But at least the results, whatever they are, give Mom something to think about… and maybe we just need to let it percolate for awhile. She says she's not driving much and only when it's necessary.  Sigh.

We are going up to visit for her 80th birthday week after next and throwing a party for 150 of her friends at GSV.  After all the festivities are done, we may need to sit down and have a little family "chat". (I need a package of Rolaids just thinking about it.)  But maybe there's safety (as well as power) in numbers.  If we all are there talking to her, she can't be mad at us one at a time (well, actually, just me).   

And I thought rearing children was a challenge! Little did I know…

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