My friends at Thomas Nelson have launched a new book, The Truth About You: Your Secret to Success by Marcus Buckingham.  This little "book" took me by surprise.

I have to admit I was fairly skeptical when I first opened the package, as I wasn’t sure quite what I was getting into since the package included a book, a DVD, and a small spiral notepad.  I had only expected to get a book, so I was intrigued and decided to watch the DVD and give it a shot.  The quality of the DVD was quite good and was appealingly short (for a very tired mom).  Marcus Buckingham turned out to be quite charming and his concepts easy to follow. I then read the book in one sitting (again, appealingly short) and very much liked the workbook format. (And although I didn’t actually write down my thoughts, I appreciated that there was a place to put them, nonetheless.)

As I said, I was surprised.  Buckingham’s ideas were quite simple… but profound at the same time since they were new ideas to me.

HIs main idea of focusing on increasing my strengths (as he defines: what makes me strong and energizes me, not necessarily what I’m “good” at) and not obsessing over my weaknesses is a message I wish I had heard many years ago. I wanted to immediately give it to my daughter who is so gifted but like myself, is often more focused on her “weak areas” rather than celebrating those gifts that make her unique, special, and valuable.

(My one reservation is that it often feels very “corporate” and talks about your “job” and your “managers”. Of course, corporate may be his primary market, but for solo entrepreneurs, students, and stay-at-home moms, the message is still valid and I only wish had been tweaked to sound a bit more broad based.)

All in all, I would very much recommend that you get a copy of The Truth About You, especially for those who are young enough (or old enough!) to realize it really is more about who you are, than who you aren’t. 

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