Super Fun Murder Mystery Party

Super Fun Murder Mystery Party

When life feels like it is getting a little crazy (or too serious), it seems crazy not to have some fun!

On Valentine’s Day, our dear friends hosted a Napa Valley Murder Mystery Dinner. It was a hoot! We all were assigned characters — and characters we were!   Clockwise are Bonnie Lass, Ralph Rottinggrape, Papa Vito, Bud Wizer, Otto VonSchnappes, Marilyn Merlot, Heddy Shablee, and yours truly, Tiny Bubbles (I was supposed to be prim and proper; not sure I did that well!).

We laughed so much we cried. We had great food, wine, and fellowship. A few trips to the thrift store (or closet, in my case) and we were ready to party!

As the evening progressed, we read about our characters and at the end, none of us could figure out who did it!  The murderer turned out to be none other than…. well, I don’t want to give it away!

But when you’re stressed with life (like I sometimes get), it always helps to take time with friends and laugh a little — or in this case, a lot!

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