(This is a true story that happened when I was a child. I always wanted to send it in to Reader’s Digest for the “Laugh” section because I think it’s too funny!)

Some relatives from the Midwest came to visit us in the DC area and were eager to go to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania where the famous Civil War battle was fought.

At the time, a visitor center contained a room sized “electric map” laid out on the floor that demonstrated with colored lights the various troop movements during the battle. (This was pre-technology days – the map was pretty much paper mache with little Christmas lights placed in sections that would light up at different times to show where the troops were and how they moved during the battle.)

Having been there before with guests, our family found the electric map very useful in helping to understand how the battle took place in 1863.

We were standing in line to get in, when all of a sudden, the door banged open and an indignant woman pushed her way out and with a loud voice of disgust said, “Well, that certainly wasn’t worth the money. It’s the same damn thing every year!”

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