Free Gift to You from Morgan James Publishing

Please accept these complimentary copies of ebooks as my gift to you. Print and audio copies are available at your favorite book retailer, like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million, Chapters Indigo, or your local independent booksellers.

  • You are the Brand: Mike Kim shares his proven 8-step blueprint that has helped build the brands for some of today’s most influential thought leaders — as well as his own personal brand.
  • The Bezos Letters: Steve Anderson and Karen Anderson share the key lessons, mindset, principles, and steps Bezos used, and continues to use, to make Amazon the massive success it is today.
  • Permission to Prosper: False beliefs about money so often rob us of our best opportunity to serve God, to love people, and to steward the wealth He gives us. Ray Edwards gives you the confidence and the keys to prosper.
  • Born to Shine: Ashley LeMieux shares a message of hope for women brave enough to admit that everything is not okay and that when life is in ruins, people can still shine.
  • Irrational Kindness: Chick-fil-A entrepreneur and rare triple-franchisee Kevin Williams provides the inspiration everyone needs to favor understanding over being understood and prioritize kindness over everything.
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